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"The best piece of high-end fitness equipment around."

Rolling Stone

Tempo’s instructors kept us motivated and entertained — so much so that we found ourselves doing multiple classes a day.

...having tried out both Mirror and Tempo, I think Tempo definitely has the edge because it provides real-time feedback that Mirror can only do if you pay extra for personal training.

Immediately said to myself, ‘I need that.’

The only smart option that gives you real-time feedback on formTempo is a great choice if you want to get stronger while avoiding injury.

I had the chance to test the equipment last week, and was so impressed with the technology that my jaw was on the floor throughout my entire 25-minute 'Quadzilla' workout.

“The Tempo Studio was an absolute joy to use”


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A bootcamp-worthy workout at home

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Classes have the feel of a one-on-one session with a trainer”

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Not enough can be said of Tempo's quality

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We're excited to be named among the must-haves and best-ofs in design, concept, and fitness.

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