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Refine every rep.

Tempo is the first in home fitness to help you understand what you’re doing right (and wrong), with personalized feedback to help you see progress with every workout.

See instant feedback on your form.

Are my feet shoulder-width apart? Am I squatting low enough? Tempo tells you instantly with in-depth, personal notes on every exercise.

  • 3D Mapping
  • Incorrect Form
  • Corrected Form

Perfect your technique.

Using pulses of infrared light, Tempo creates a detailed 3D model to capture every nuance of your form, improving your technique and making your workouts safer and more efficient.

Progress focused on you.

Tempo makes recommendations based on your goals, counts your reps, corrects your form as you train, and shows you how much you’ve progressed—before, during, and long after your workout.


See real-time recs on how to perfect your form with every rep.


You focus on making each rep count, Tempo focuses on counting those perfect reps for you.


Tempo remembers how much you’ve been lifting and knows when you’re ready to up the weight.


Get class recommendations based on the goals you've set for yourself.

Protect your privacy.

Tempo’s motion capture system is designed for maximum privacy—it only models your form, never capturing or storing anything else about you or your home.

Personalized attention to every rep.

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This is the best investment I've made on fitness equipment. I can already see and feel results.

Jumoka C.

As a relatively consistent gym goer, I have a high bar for what is a “good at-home experience” is. Tempo has built an amazing product. The device has real-time form feedback and rep counting that coaches can see. The classes are structured as group classes with charismatic coaches, and there is a leaderboard that actually gets you to work out harder, since the device counts your reps and tracks your effort with the 3D sensors. I’ve tried different products in this space, and Tempo is simply much better.

Kyle L.

I have had my Tempo for close to a month and it has exceeded my expectations. It is providing useful feedback, a variety of workouts and taking my fitness journey to a whole new level. I am loving it!!!

Peter A.

As someone who gets my motivation from stats, numbers and visuals...the leaderboard has me hooked to keep trying to do better and to not stop. I love the form correction that pops up when I’m focused on my workout and forgetting to pay attention. I also love that it counts my reps for me so I don’t have to in my head.

Becky H.
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