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Tempo Raises $220M in New Capital

Funding will be Used to Enhance A.I. & 3D Sensor Tech

Date April 12, 2021
Author Patrick Wong
Tags Company

We’re excited to announce our $220M Series C round — our third round of funding in 18 months! We’ll be investing this new capital in three key ways: elevating our 3D AI sensor technology, growing our class offerings, and improving our supply chain.

Many of you chose Tempo as your home gym fitness solution because of our real-time form correction and rep-counting and the personalization that comes along with it. This funding will make those two features even better and more prevalent — that’s more form-correction-supported exercises in more classes. This empowers us to make your training experience safer and that much more custom to you and your goals.

Our earliest Temponians have already seen us through many milestones over the past year and a half, including the launch of multiple daily live classes; new cutting-edge in-class fitness metrics; the debut of My Plan, Tempo’s answer to weekly custom training plans; and most recently our design-forward equipment and accessories, including our folding bench and squat rack and expansion into yoga and cardio boxing.

These milestones are in no small part thanks to you, our community. You’ve been generous with not only your support, but your feedback as well — what you’ve loved and opportunities for improvement. What you’ve told us has helped guide our understanding of the pulse of our community and the things they want and need.

As much as the Tempo itself learns and adapts from your in-class performance, our team is also grateful to learn what makes the Tempo training experience special to you.

Tempo’s mission always has been and will continue to be to provide our members with a fitness experience that is as personalized as possible, because fitness isn’t a one-size-fits-all journey. With new equipment, enhanced tech, a growing library of content, and a community that is excited to get stronger with us, we can’t wait to show you what’s next. We think you’re going to love it.

Stay tuned for more and thanks for your continued support.

See you on the mat,
The Tempo Team

Author Patrick Wong
Tags Company

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