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Learn How the Community Uses My Plan

And how it allows them to be consistent and find new classes

Date July 21, 2021
Author Patrick Wong

In the fourth entry to our My Plan Series, we look at how our community is taking advantage of My Plan and how it fits into their Tempo fitness routines.

In case you missed it, our previous entries in the My Plan Series cover the fitness science behind My Plan, how My Plan differs from Tempo programs, and the team behind My Plan.

One Plan, Many Options

The ultimate goal of My Plan is to not only give our members a custom workout plan tailored to their fitness goals, but also provide enough flexibility that every member can still make their Tempo experience their own no matter how their goals, workout style, or daily life changes.

Here are some ways our community is making My Plan work hard for them as they progress towards their goals.

Adding more to the Daily Focus: Every active day, My Plan will suggest a class to fulfill your daily focus, whether it’s a lower body, upper body, or mobility day. On top of that, if you’re wanting to get even more work in, you’ll have the option to seamlessly add other classes.

“I am feeling good, y’all!! Been doubling up on classes! If I do short ones, I’ll do 2 back to back! Or if I do a 40-minute class, I’ll add on a quick challenge after!” - Danyelle K.

Integrating different classes: With My Plan, you’re given a workout schedule that will take a holistic look at your fitness and suggest a variety of classes to keep you well-rounded. For some, it means taking mobility and recovery classes, which you may have previously ignored.

“I’m so glad that My Plan is now live!!! My husband in particular does not do the programs, so this has helped guide what type of exercise he should do daily and gets him to slow down and actually incorporate some mobility into his schedule.” - Emily L.

Discovering new classes: With a growing library of hundreds of classes, choosing what to do can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. My Plan cuts down on that guesswork and suggests the optimal class for you for that day — and oftentimes, it can surface a class that becomes a new favorite.

“Had to fight to get into the Top 10. I am definitely working my butt off. This workout was suggested via My Plan. I am so loving this new feature.” - Peter A.

“Party people! If you are anything like me, you like having the day’s work laid out in front of you so you don't have to sift through hundreds of workouts, but you also like more options than a program offers. The My Plan update is the best of all worlds. My Plan gives you a selection of workouts that are appropriate for the work you should be doing on a given day. Unlike the programs that you are locked into, My Plan gives you a selection of workouts. For me, it made an awesome platform even better!” - Jeremiah B.

Adding motivation to the routine: For some, knowing what classes to take isn’t the issue; rather, it’s staying motivated. My Plan will hold you accountable by showing you how far you are from hitting your weekly class goal. Many Tempo members are excited to continuously grow their streak of meeting their weekly class goals, keeping them motivated and undeterred from consistent training.

“Love the new My Plan. My goal has always been to work out 4 times a week, but I haven’t been so motivated lately — until the new update! It’s only Tuesday and I’m 3 down. It’s quite impressive how responsive Tempo is to our needs. Thank you!” - Deana M.


In the next and final part of our My Plan Series, we’ll shed a bit more light on what our team has in the works for My Plan. We’ll share how My Plan will change, evolve, and become even more customizable as we grow alongside the community. Stay tuned.

Author Patrick Wong
Tags CommunityFor Members

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