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Introducing Tempo Leaderboard Groups

A new way to train together with the Tempo community

Date September 08, 2021
Author Patrick Wong

We introduced the Tempo leaderboard last year with the intention to create a place where the community could get stronger together (and find some friendly competition).

As our community’s grown, we’ve been listening to your feedback. What we heard is that the leaderboard can be confusing, lack personalization, and sometimes even be demoralizing.

We hear you. We’ve spent a lot of time doing research and thinking about how the leaderboard could serve every Tempo athlete.

Guided by your feedback, the Tempo leaderboard has undergone a lot of exciting changes. Now there are new ways to follow the leader.

Here’s what’s changed:

1. Find your people:

With the new leaderboard, you’ll be able to add yourself to up to five Tempo Leaderboard Groups.

Whether you’re looking to build muscle, are a Tempo CrossFitter, or part of the Tempo Military family, there's a Leaderboard Group for you. Connect with and train alongside everyone else who subscribes to these groups.

Joining Leaderboard Groups is easy and you’ll get the chance to join our existing Groups the next time you train. During classes, you can filter your leaderboard by specific groups. Want to compete with only Tempo Runners? You’ve got it – it’s just you, them, and a race to the top.

We plan to continue adding new Leaderboard Groups over the next months. If you feel a group is missing, submit your ideas here.

2. Follow your friends and family (and rivals)

Whether you’re seeking out a friend to take a class with, or a friendly rival to duke it out against, all you need to do is tap their name to follow. Once you follow someone, you can see their class history and compete with them on the leaderboard.

3. Find your best self

Sometimes we all need our alone time. Filter for “Just Me” on the leaderboard to simply see yourself, your points, and your reps add up.

4. Toggle it on and off

We hope these changes will make the leaderboard more impactful and complement the Tempo class experience even better. The Tempo leaderboard will continue to undergo more changes and this is just the start.

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out at

Until then, we look forward to seeing you on the leaderboard!

Author Patrick Wong
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