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How to Reclaim Your Motivation

Expert advice from our coaches on how to stay on track

Date February 26, 2021
Author Patrick Wong

We all have those kinda days. Yes, those dreaded mornings, afternoons, or nights (or maybe all three) where the last thing that you want to do is get a workout in.

Maybe the couch is feeling extra comfy, or your bed feels particularly cozy.

None of us are immune to those times where motivation is extremely hard to find. And that even means our coaches.

So we asked some of our coaches how they reclaim their motivation and re-focus on getting after those fitness goals.

Whether it’s…

We recommend trying one of these tactics out — fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all, but you may find some great success with getting yourself back on track with these nuggets of wisdom from our coaches.

And if you are looking for a support system, look no further than our Official Tempo Facebook Group: a growing community of fellow Tempo athletes who will be there to cheer you on, answer any questions, and are the perfect accountability partners, too. Plus, if you need a little more advice or encouragement, all of our coaches are there, too.

As you rediscover that motivation — no matter how you do it — and get yourself back into the fitness groove, remember to always be kind to yourself and to remember to celebrate every achievement and every milestone no matter how small. The little victories add up, and they certainly will help help remind you that all of your hard work is worthwhile.

And as a Tempo athlete, just think that you could turn your whole day around by just pressing the power button.

Author Patrick Wong
Tags MindfulnessCommunity

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