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How to do the Perfect Burpee

The step-by-step guide to perfect this full-body exercise

Date August 24, 2021
Author Patrick Wong
Tags Fitness

Burpees are a challenging exercise that can really test your endurance and are a staple among many types of workouts, including Tempo HIIT classes. There are a lot of moving parts that go into a burpee though — quite literally — and Coach Bryan is here to show you a four-step guide to nailing down this exercise (and then getting back up again).

Step 1:

Start feet hip and shoulder-width apart. Bend at the knees before you transition to the high plank position.

Step 2:

While in the plank position, make sure the wrists are directly under your shoulders and the core is braced

Step 3:

Power through your legs to get your feet directly underneath your hips. This will set you up in the best position to do the finishing jump

Step 4:

Use the momentum generated from the leap forward with your feet to seamlessly transition into a dynamic jump. Jump to a height that feels challenging for you.

Once you've got the burpee locked in, challenge yourself with different kinds of pacing. You'll find several classes on Tempo that will test you with doing burpees every minute on the minute or as a finisher. If you're a Tempo athlete and really looking to up the ante, check out Coach Bryan's 100 Rep Burpee Blast Challenge.

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For now, get more info on a flawless lunge and push-up.

Author Patrick Wong
Tags Fitness

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