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How to do a Flawless Lunge

Keep your muscles engaged and joints protected

Date September 07, 2021
Author Patrick Wong
Tags Fitness

Lunges can look deceptively simple, but you shouldn't overlook the details. Lunging with correct form means you'll properly load your muscles and avoid putting any undue stress and strain on your joints and lower back.

With proper lunge form, you'll be able to milk each rep for for everything the exercise offers — strengthening your quads, hamstrings, and glutes while also improving your balance and stability and testing your core strength.

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Step 1:

Plant your feet firmly under your hips and make sure the core is engaged. Stance is key!

Step 2:

Take a big step forward and move your weight forward into your front heel- refrain from bringing weight into your front toe.

Step 3:

Drop your back knee to tap the floor. Make sure most of your weight is in that front heel and that your upper body is not hinging forward by keeping your core strong and posture tall.

Step 4:

Push off your front heel, keeping the core engaged for help with balance as you step back into your starting position. Keep the upper body nice and tall and remember to keep most of your weight in that front heel and that balance is key in a forward lunge.

Once you've got the lunge down, consider adding some weight either by using a barbell or a pair of dumbbells. Remember to start off light and run through these steps to avoid injury and perfect your form with the extra load.

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Author Patrick Wong
Tags Fitness

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