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3 Ways to Make Working Out More Eco-Friendly

What you can do to make your workout routine more green

Date April 21, 2021
Author Patrick Wong

With Earth Day upon us, we wanted to share some easy (and fun) ways to workout that are great for your fitness and also kind to the earth.

If you’re a Tempo member, you’re already taking steps (quite literally) to reducing your carbon footprint when it comes to working out. With a Tempo inside your home, there’s a non-existent commute to guzzle gas, and with the Tempo only having to be powered on when in use, you’re also cutting down on your overall energy consumption versus attending a gym or class.

Outside of that though, you could also go outside.

1. Take up running, hiking, or walking: Ditch the treadmill and hit the mountains, find a trail, or go for an urban trek. Getting your heart rate up by going for a long run or building strength in your legs through a tough hike requires just your body and a good pair of shoes.

Make an even deeper impact by joining a race or an endurance event that raises money for an eco-friendly cause — give yourself something to train for while doing god for the earth. And if you do end up training for something, make sure to not forget about the weights.

2. Use and buy sustainable and recyclable materials: Avoid hydrating, whether it’s during a Tempo class or an outdoor activity, with disposable bottles. Consider carrying a reusable and earth-friendly water bottle or container or a backpack with a bladder if you’re on the go.

When it comes to workout gear, try buying clothing that makes good use of recycled materials or are sourced sustainably. It may take some hunting, but more and more brands are taking eco-consciousness to heart by creating functional and fashionable clothes from recycled nylons to even wood pulp, and many will make donations to green charities and organizations or pledge to do good by the environment by planting trees or funding ocean clean-ups.

3. Train with what you have: If you have a Tempo, you already know that you have access to a huge library of exercises and workouts with the included equipment, but even so, you’ll find our coaches recommending simply using a broomstick for learning a new exercise, a towel to make a stretch more intense, or even just your living room chair for improved stability.

Of course, buying new equipment comes with the territory of fitness, especially as you get stronger and want to vary your training, but don’t doubt the longevity of what you have and what you can accomplish with your current equipment and things you just have lying around the house.

There’s a lot more that can be done when it comes to leading a greener lifestyle, and these are great starting points. Have more tips to share? We’d love to hear. Share with us in our community.

Author Patrick Wong
Tags FitnessMindfulness

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